Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top Building Products Chosen by Readers

Throughout the year, our editor contacts with Professional Builder magazine provide news of the latest and best home building products. In the August 2015 issue, Professional Builder featured the “Top 100 Products” selected by the publication’s readers from the past year. The editors of the magazine, as always, did a top-notch job of covering the many products of interest.

The products chosen were grouped in eight categories: Windows & Doors, Exterior Products, Interior Products, Kitchen & Bath, Outdoor Living, Structural / Insulation / Housewrap, Mechanical / Electrical / Home Tech, and Lines & Collections- all the best from the Building and Construction industry.

Since all of the editorially featured products were based upon building professionals’ favorites, and the 100-featured products are indeed numerous, we decided to choose our own top product pick from each category to share with our blog readers in summary. 

Windows & Doors – Bi-Parting Patio Door | Ply Gem

Photo credit: Ply Gem
This patio door is unlike any other. It is available up to 12-feet wide and in 46 exterior colors. The Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Impact series is also available in a variety of sizes, which can become a perfect way to customize both interiors and backyards. Whether you are an Interior Designer, Builder, Remodeler, or Developer, use this door to open up your clients’ walls and wallets. 

Exterior Products – Glass Mosaics | Marazzi USA

Photo credit: Marazzi USA
The glistening colors of Caicos glass mosaics from Marazzi USA have six mottled seascape colorways from which to choose. We love the modern touch on this art glass, and it looks great outdoors with its ever-changing light present within a space. Builders and Landscape Architects can upsell jobs with this truly impressive glass.  

Interior Products – Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace | Innovative Hearth Products

Photo credit: Innovative Hearth Products
Our most favored choice! The Astria Montebello DLXCD Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace is from one of our own PR clients, Innovative Hearth Products. This fireplace is available in an array of options, available glass media colors, and an adjustable flame height to modify the perfect look for any home or applicable commercial space. For Contractors, Builders and Architects, find information about this fireplace online here

Kitchen & Bath – Ensemble Shower with Freestanding Seat | Sterling

Photo credit: Sterling

Who wouldn’t enjoy the ability to sit while you relax in the shower? The Ensemble includes built-in shelves and is available in a neutral color to match any bathroom. The shower, with its convenience, was designed for the increasing number of buyers concerned about aging in place. Builders and General Contractors can specify this product as an upgrade for residential projects as well as medical facilities. Ensemble is worth a second look for Kitchen and Bath Remodelers and Interior Designers seeking innovative solutions for projects. 

Outdoor Living – Hardwood Deck Tiles | Advantage Lumber

Photo credit: Advantage Lumber
We are inspired by this unique deck because it gives the illusion of both a tile and hardwood foundation. Advantage Lumber offers four types of smooth-surface hardwood tile and has amazing durability. Landscape Architects and Lawn and Garden design specialists, take note of the eye-catching coloration of the tile, giving rise to new options for outdoor room design / build jobs. 

Structural / Insulation / Housewrap – Self-Adhering Underlayment | Tarco

Photo credit: Tarco
Tarco’s LeakBarrier EasyLay UDL SA has an impressive amount of uses as a roofing underlayment. It can be used in shingle, shake, slate, tile, and metal roofing applications in steep-slope roofing. It is also made from many hardy and robust components for long-term, weather-barrier performance that anyone from builder to construction owner can appreciate.

Mechanical / Electrical / Home Tech – Wireless Charging Surface | DuPont

Photo credit: DuPont
The Corian Charging Surface will make you want to get rid of those phone or tablet chargers forever. Nearly all smart devices can be charged with a charging ring from Duracell Powermat or a charging case. Just connect the ring or case to the mobile device, and voilĂ ! If this isn’t a Kitchen and Bath designers dream, we aren’t sure what is. 

Lines & Collections – Keystone Hardscapes

Photo credit: Keystone Hardscapes
Keystone is a leading provider of hardscape products for landscaping and retaining walls as well as erosion control and surface stabilization solutions. The company’s portfolio consists of beautiful stones and borders for a stunning landscape design for any yard and to suit any Landscape Contractors’ outdoor room and patio project portfolio.

To see the rest of Professional Builder’s “Top 100 Products” and read the digital version of the issue, visit:

To learn how to develop media coverage and publicity for your own building products, take a look at our website’s What We Do and Our Industries pages. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Get a Jumpstart on Your 2016 Sales and Marketing Plan!

If you are like most business owners or marketing professionals, you know all too well that cultivating leads, prospects and sales requires advanced planning. Waiting until the onset of the new calendar year puts your marketing programs at a huge disadvantage.

In fact, it is any marketer’s critical question: What is the best and most strategic step to keeping powerful and creative marketing momentum alive for a successful calendar-year ahead? 

Strategic marketing plans can help you reach your target audiences, boost your customer base, enhance branding, qualify more sales leads, and, ultimately, increase your bottom line. Not to mention, having a well-written and executed marketing program lends to the process of setting clear, realistic and measurable objectives for your sales team and business.

For businesses focused upon residential and commercial interior design; architecture; building and construction; kitchen and bath; furniture, accessories and lighting; horticulture and agribusiness; lawn, garden and landscape; or hardware and homeware- we customize and execute long-term integrated marketing programs that generate qualified and quantified sales.

Take a look at the following video, and gain a whole new perspective about what it means to create upward growth for your business before the busy 2016 year is upon us.

Jumpstarting calendar-year marketing, with the help of a PR firm that fully understands your industry, guides your customers to recognize why your product or service is better than or different from the competition.

By way of our brief, no-cost marketing assessment, we can provide you with a proposed strategy for kicking-off your 2016 brand plan- one that will provision for getting and staying ahead of the new year.

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