Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kitchen Reigns as King in Home Hierarchy

If you take a look back in time, whether it’s a year or ten, you’ll uncover what our team sees on a near-daily basis; trends are constantly evolving. A significant role of ECPR is monitoring, uncovering and reporting on improved or up-and-coming products and techniques that influence the 11 industries in which we specialize. A major development that has surfaced in the building and home-design industries over the past couple of years is the growing importance of a home’s kitchen. Today, families are spending less time in living rooms or family rooms, and increasing the time they spend hanging out or entertaining in kitchens. As a result, homeowners are looking to industry professionals to go beyond what is otherwise known as a traditional, utilitarian space and incorporate comfort and innovative design aesthetics into kitchen spaces.

Architects, builders, interior designers, and other industry professionals are most certainly aware of the kitchen’s promotion in the “home hierarchy” due to increased demands by homeowners. With that in mind, our team wanted to share a video produced by Builder and Custom Home magazines about design-build trends that are arising because of the kitchen’s growing significance.

Builder TV’s latest production checks-in with leading industry professionals to uncover why homeowners are embracing kitchens as the “heart” of the home, what design trends and building practices are changing because of it and how it impacts or relates to the future of kitchen design. Watch the video below for today’s scoop on kitchen design trends.

Fans and friends, do you agree with Builder TV’s findings? Please feel free to also share other design-build trends you have recently uncovered.

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