Friday, July 26, 2013

Building With The Best

Builder July 2013
Thanks to our editor friends at Builder magazine, our blog readers, clients and followers can stay abreast of today’s top design-build projects, construction techniques, product advancements, and more related to the building and construction industry.

In Builder’s July 2013 issue, the magazine’s editorial team rounded up a list of innovative products builders and contractors should keep in mind for current and future projects. From shingles and water diversion systems to faucets and windows, our team recaps the eight products Builder’s editors are highlighting this month.
Builder July 2013 - click to enlarge
1. Zola Corner Window: Number one on the editors’ roundup is Zola European Windows’ Zola Corner Window. This sleek line of aluminum-clad fixed and operable windows can maximize views around corners with its Corner Lift-Slide. Available in a myriad of sizes with a variety of interior woods, Zola Corner Windows are ideal for residential building projects.

2. Weyerhauser OSB Panels: Next time a project includes hardwood floors, consider using Weyerhaeuser’s OSB Panels. By installing these high-density OSB panels under hardwood floors, builders and contractors can improve fastener retention and built-in drainage. A favorite feature for some of our builder and architect clients, the panels also offer a sealed edge to resist the swelling and shrinkage that loosen fasteners in wet places.

3. Tamko Shingles: Reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester fabric for impact resistance, the Heritage series of laminated asphalt shingles also includes a Class 4 impact-rated version designed to resist cracking and rupturing from heavy hail. With a 30-year limited warranty, Heritage is the ultimate for new construction or re-roofing jobs.

4. Moen Faucet: Moen’s S6700 faucet displays geometric forms, squared corners and straight lines. Part of the company’s minimalist 90 Degree collection of bathroom faucets, it complements both residential and commercial contemporary spaces. We’ve seen this fine-looking faucet in several of the designer show houses for which we have managed public relations, and it gets our vote as a must-have fixture.
Builder July 2013 - click to enlarge
5. CertainTeed Water System: A product to consider with deck installations is CertainTeed’s Undershield water system. It diverts water to a gutter at the deck’s edge, protecting areas underneath from water intrusion.

6. Therma-Tru Doorlites: Therma-Tru enables builders and contractors to protect and preserve homes in coastal regions by incorporating impact-rated doorlites and sidlites into homes. When installed with a Therma-Tru impact-rated door these products can withstand winds up to 195 mph and meet code requirements for extreme weather in coastal areas.

7. Foundry Siding: The Tapco Group’s fire-resistant, panelized, vinyl siding uses ceramic finishes to provide a realistic texture with no telltale sheen. Each panel is molded from hand-selected quarried stone and delivers up to 40 feet of non-repeating coverage. This striking siding gets our seal of satisfaction.

8. Häfele Pull-Out Storage: Häfele’s lockable, pull-out compartment is a resourceful product residential builders and contractors can specify for home renovations and new construction projects. It allows homeowners to safely store cleaning supplies and other items under kitchen or bathroom cabinets and away from children.

If you’re interested in viewing extended product descriptions, visit And, stay tuned for more products for designers, builders, architects, and consumers on our blog. Our clients and friends in the industry have a lot to offer, so more to follow from your ECPR trend-watchers in the near future.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Capitalizing on Talent and Offering Successful Publicity

Each summer, the OFA Short Course hosts horticultural professionals from all 50 states and more than two dozen countries to discuss industry perspectives and present innovative ideas that propel businesses forward. It’s the world’s largest horticultural tradeshow and the opportune time for meeting with media members, garden center retailers, greenhouse and nursery growers, interior plantscapers, landscapers, and florists to stay abreast of breaking news, original trends and exciting developments.

Each year, we have clients who exhibit their new varieties, collections or other products at the Short Course, such as the case with the well-respected team from Terra Nova Nurseries. Our staff has the pleasure of managing media relations annually for Terra Nova prior to, during, and after the event.

For the recent OFA show, July 13-16, we created a press campaign on the company’s behalf. This involved presenting and publicizing Terra Nova’s cutting-edge breeding techniques and new 2013 “Sneak Peek” varieties to the show’s attending media members. In addition to crafting a press kit for Terra Nova, our efforts also included pre-scheduling VIP media tours of the company’s exhibit space and coordinating interviews between company leaders and industry trade media representatives.

During one of the media interviews we lined up for our client, Dave Doolittle, Terra
Nova Nurseries' director of marketing, described the company's 2013 varieties to Green Profit magazine's managing (and very talented) editor Jen Polanz.
By capitalizing on our client’s recent efforts to breed top-notch, trailing and rust-resistant heucherellas, we secured an exclusive video interview with GIE Media Horticulture, Inc. In the video below, Michelle Simakis, assistant editor with Garden Center magazine, interviews Dave Doolittle, who showcases the top-performing heucherellas.

Video courtesy of GIE Media Horticulture Inc.

Following OFA Short Course 2013, GIE Media continued to post and share the video with readers and followers as a means of communicating all the “need-to-know” information about the Heucherella Falls™ series and Heucherella Cascade™ Series. 

Michelle Simakis, associate editor with Garden Center magazine, gets the inside
scoop on Terra Nova Nurseries' newest heucherella introductions from Dave Doolittle, director of marketing at Terra Nova Nurseries.
Our thanks to all of the media members who interviewed Terra Nova Nurseries during OFA!

To our blog readers in all 11 of our industry sectors, if your company is interested in gaining brand and product recognition within your trade as well as among consumers, consider including our public relations and branding services into your 2013-2014 business plan. Feel free to contact us for a free assessment by emailing or posting your questions / comments below.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Shining a “Light” on the Design Process of Aerin Lauder

While we enjoy learning about products that break into the industries in which we specialize, we also love uncovering the inspiration behind a product’s creation. Delving into the mind of the designer and discovering his or her unique source for creativity and innovation is just another effort our team puts forth to understanding and reporting industry trends. Today our team is highlighting AERIN, a collection making its way onto the residential lighting scene, and how its founder and creative director, Aerin Lauder, navigates the design process.

Aerin Lauder
Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting
In the July 2013 issue of Residential Lighting magazine, Lauder explains that her first step towards creating a new design is organizing her thoughts with a mood board. By compiling an assortment of images, color swatches, personal pictures, and more, she’s able to focus on several ideas in order to blend them into one. While Lauder’s creations can be influenced by most anything, travel is her number one inspiration. “I love to be in a new environment and exposed to different surroundings and cultures,” Lauder said to the editors of Residential Lighting.

AERIN is an honest reflection of Lauder’s design style: classic and traditional with a modern twist. According to Residential Lighting, Lauder prefers classic pieces that have stylish, contemporary accents that don’t compromise function. When designing AERIN she wanted to give consumers a collection that could blend together or stand alone. How did she do that? By using gold as a neutral. According to the article, Lauder believes gold is a timeless accent among interiors, just as it is in jewelry and accessories. 

The Mill Chanelier
Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting
The Mill chandelier is one item from the collection featured in the article. She revealed that her inspiration for the piece was a woven basket. Made of metal with gilded gold leaf to give it depth, the chandelier came together just the way Lauder wanted – an impression of a woven basket of light.

To read the full article on Aerin Lauder in Residential Lighting’s July 2013 issue, click here. If you’re interested in staying on top of industry trends, designer insights and product releases be sure to check out future issues of Residential Lighting, as well as glance back at past copies by accessing its archives here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Technology Boosts Productivity for Produce Growers

Watch out produce growers, 3D laser scans, optical sensors, cloud-based technologies, and data management systems are just a few innovative software programs taking over today’s orchards and farms. No need to worry though, these systems are here to help, and we’ve got all the need-to-know information.

Our team keeps up with ground-breaking ideas and modern technology advances across all industries in which we specialize- one of which is Agribusiness. With this in mind, and according to an article by Growing Produce, four new programs are assisting growers with tasks such as precision planting, orchard management and traceability. Check out our run-down of each product to learn the benefits of incorporating these systems into your operation. 

Raven Viper 4
Photo courtesy of 
Raven’s Viper 4 is a 12.1-inch field computer offering data management capabilities and a customizable user interface that allows growers to create machine and user profiles, while storing the information in one networked platform. Incorporated with the new Raven Operating System, Viper 4 enables growers to use the customizable interface for portrait or landscape orientation. The model also has 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots and more. Growers do not have to worry about its durability and ease of use while in the field. This product was built to withstand tough environments, featuring a state-of-the-art rugged magnesium alloy enclosure.

Grove Tracker

Photo courtesy of
Grove Tracker is AGERpoint’s new comprehensive data management system that delivers critical information to growers, allowing them to keep records on the productivity and health of their orchards. By using 3D laser scanning, survey GPS, HD video cameras, and optical sensors, users will be able to capture statistical and photographic inventory. Grove Tracker’s collection of technology features allows growers to easily capture important information such as tree trunk diameter, canopy diameter, leaf color, leaf density, tree count, and tree height.

FoodLink Item

Photo courtesy of 
FoodLink is a cloud-based software that focuses on food safety and traceability that benefits growers, suppliers and consumers. After growers submit a collection of farm data, the software adds individual tracing information in the form of unique QR codes to produce items. Suppliers are then able to communicate information related to product origin, quality and freshness directly to a consumer. The information is easily accessible for consumers, only requiring they scan the code on the packaging with a smartphone or tablet. Recently voted “2013 Best New Food Safety” solution by United Fresh, growers can rely on FoodLink to enhance brand awareness and reinforce brand promises.


Photo courtesy of
FarmLogs is a web-based farm management program designed to help growers plan, manage and analyze operations on multiple platforms. A new resource for tracking information regarding planting, fertilizing and harvesting, FarmLogs is also a tool for forecasting yields and measuring profits, managing sales, and monitoring local market prices. Best of all, this program is also available as a mobile app in order to provide an easy interface for growers to input information while in the field or on the go.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Cool Product to Specify

Trane's XL20i
Photo courtesy of
Our team at Eberly & Collard Public Relations serves as the eyes and ears for several of our editor, publisher and producer contacts. We monitor breaking news topics, up-and-coming trends, innovative product releases, company advancements, and other content affecting change or growth in the industries in which we specialize.

By staying on top of multiple industry practices we are also able to present clients with need-to-know information and create original public relations strategies for them. An important tactic for residential architects and builders is staying aware of modern advancements so these products can be incorporated into future residential design-build projects. One product that has recently caught our eye and offers some of the latest developments in cooling technology is Trane’s Xl20i air conditioning unit.

Trane’s XL20i AC unit provides homes with top-level comfort. Its ability to enhance airflow at increased efficiency levels, but at a lower cost than the competition, makes this unit a leader among residential cooling systems. In fact, the XL20i’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 20.00 is one of the highest energy efficiency ratings of any air conditioner available in today’s market.

This model also includes Trane’s ComfortLink™ II communicating technology which allows all indoor units and their key components to connect so the system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance. On top of its speed, efficiency and communicating capabilities, the XL20i is quiet, durable and includes an advance air filtration system CleanEffects™.

XL20i is only one of Trane’s many residential and commercial product offerings. Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Trane is known for producing heating and cooling systems that are some of the market’s most reliable and innovative. After introducing countless technological and engineering firsts, Trane continues to go above and beyond to see what’s possible.

Architects and builders, if you’re interested in learning more about Trane and its residential and commercial product offerings, click on the following link: