Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Privacy Comes Easy

Our client, Highwood USA, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, accessories as well as decking and fence material, recently completed a privacy fence installation featuring the company’s long-lasting synthetic fence material along a freeway in northern Virginia. The customer for this project was a Home Owners’ Association in need of a fence solution that had the following qualities:
  • When installed, the fence had to be attractive and natural in both color and appearance. The HOA desired a privacy fence that would blend with the environment. 

  • The fence was required to be ultra-low maintenance and sturdy to provide a no-fuss solution and require minimal upkeep, ultimately offering exceptional durability and long-term value. 

  • Providing a sound barrier to the freeway noise was a key desire of the Home Owners’ Association members. 

  • The community also wanted to install a fence manufactured with eco-friendly material and that which was sourced from a company that takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. 

  • Finally, the finished fence was specified for installation at a height of 12 feet; and, of utmost importance, it needed to be strong enough to withstand the winds and weather conditions that Virginia experiences throughout the year. 
“We worked closely with both the fence installer, Northern Virginia Fence Company, and the HOA representatives to provide detailed information about our Highwood material and how it would address all of the project’s needs, giving rise to a solid solution for the project,” says Craig Smith, director of sales & marketing for Highwood USA.

According to Smith, Highwood USA beat out a number of alternative materials produced by competitors. “I do believe this was because we took the time to listen closely to the customer’s needs, to answer all of their questions, and to deliver a quality design solution that fulfilled the technical specifications and requirements,” he says.

The 12-foot commercial HOA fence project is a larger and more heavyweight version of the company’s “new for 2013” 6-ft tall privacy fence that offers all of the same benefits as above. The 6-ft tall privacy fence is designed for easy installation, requires little maintenance and is readily available for fence installers to sell for residential or commercial applications. For more information, visit www.highwood-usa.com.

Members of the media, if you are interested in learning more about this case-study for an upcoming feature article, please contact the ECPR team at ddebruin@eberlycollardpr.com.

The fence installer created a frame to start the project. Highwood® material was then installed onto the frame to create privacy and block the sounds of the highway.

Highwood USA's privacy fences, like this one in Virginia, can be used in both commercial and residential settings.

Highwood USA’s privacy fences are constructed from eco-friendly material and made in the USA. Contact Highwood USA through email at inquiries@highwood-usa.com.

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