Friday, November 30, 2012

Now Introducing…

We would like to introduce you to one of our most recent clients, Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc. We are excited to be working with such a wonderful team, and look forward to sharing with our friends and fans all about Distinctive Mantel Designs’ durable, heat resistant, affordable and beautiful products. Let’s get started with a quick company overview as well as details on several of the company’s popular product categories.

About Distinctive Mantel Designs: 

Distinctive Mantel Designs is one of the leaders in lightweight, cast-stone mantels. The company was founded in 1989 and is located in Denver, Colo. Products include mantels, over mantels, outdoor fireplaces, kitchen hoods, wall panels, firepits and fireboxes.

It is true for Distinctive Mantel Designs as it is for most other businesses, “you get what you pay for”. Distinctive Mantel Designs utilizes a custom cement mix design that has been perfected for over many years. It is the company’s guarantee that the cast limestone or travertine finish will be a perfect match for each individual customer, and will keep people raving over its products for years to come.

With designs that are suitable for old world, traditional, contemporary, modern and urban homes, Distinctive Mantel Designs has something to offer everyone.

The fireplace or surrounding wall can be one of the most important architectural features in a home; therefore, Distinctive Mantel Designs’ team members pride themselves on knowing the mantels they provide to clients will enrich their homes with timeless beauty for years to come.

Featured Products:
The Monroe Fireplace Mantel – This specific fireplace mantel is fashioned in the Modern style and is based on artistic works produced during the period extending from the 1860’s to the 1970’s. The Monroe is available in five colors including Smoke, Stoney Ground, Linen, Light Buff, and Sahara. If you are looking to add simple elegance and clean lines to a living space, this is the mantel you need! 
The Boulder Firepit – The Boulder by Distinctive Mantel Designs is made from the same effective material as the mantels, and is available in 5 colors including Smoke, Stoney Ground, Linen, Light Buff, and Sahara. It has a customizable burner and can be used with either natural gas or propane. Each firepit comes with a pan as well as decorative glass rocks as a full package. 

If you are interested in ordering any of the products from Distinctive Mantel Designs, please visit the "How to Order" tab on our client’s website. 

Stayed tune to our social media channels for updates about a nationally syndicated article campaign we are currently executing for Distinctive Mantel Designs!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still Wondering if Social Media Is Worth the Effort and Cost?

Are you a business owner or marketing manager who is still dabbling with the idea of using social media to promote your brand, product or service? If you are, you might find an article our team here at Eberly & Collard Public Relations wrote is of interest in your pursuit of all things social networking.

Several of our social media gurus recently teamed up to share tips and ideas for one of our editor contacts on how Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can be maximized for branding and relationship-building purposes. 

As some of you may remember from several weeks ago, we shared our Twitter byline article from Greenhouse Grower magazine. Now our second part in this social media series has published on Greenhouse Grower’s website, and it includes tips on ways for businesses to improve Facebook return-on-investment (ROI). 

The tips in the article apply to all businesses and trades– whether in the Horticulture, Interior Design, Architecture, Building / Construction, Furniture, or other Industries. We work in all of these fields and their sectors, and we can tell you the lessons learned in this article are relevant no matter which industry category applies to you and your work. 

And, because it is the social media question everyone asks us the most, we’d like to share upfront we believe that social media ROI is not necessarily based on direct financial gain. Yes, that’s right. Having a Facebook page won’t immediately glean sales for you. Rather, the idea is built around establishing online relationships with customers. It can take some time, but by creating meaningful interactions with fans on Facebook, the result can include customer loyalty, which in turn, can equate to increased sales. It’s surely worth the effort to have the privilege of ongoing online dialog with clients, customers and those we hope will become purchasers of our products or services. 

To read our full article about Facebook, click here. Also, stay tuned for our next installment in the social media series, which will focus on Pinterest.

Our Client, Terra Nova Nurseries’ Facebook shows
 the importance of posting content to make an impression
 on target audiences and encourage interaction.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Putting Our Clients in the Limelight and Serving as a Resource to the Media…All at the Same Time 

Our very own Don Eberly and Dominique de Bruin recently teamed up to write a byline article for our client, the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market, which is currently featured in the October issue of Casual Living, one of our favorite trade magazines dedicated to covering the casual (outdoor) furniture and accessories industry.

The International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market is the premier destination for retailers looking to find all things related to outdoor and casual living. In September, retailers, buyers and designers spent four days at the Chicago market discovering the industries’ newest, most innovative products from leading manufacturers around the world to the latest trends in color, product design, fabric patterns, and more. Part of our ECPR team was there managing the market’s public / media relations. This year’s Casual Market was a huge success and featured approximately 250 manufactures, allowing for retailers to see how a variety of trend-based products will be marketed and sold in 2013. 

For industry professionals who were unable to attend, the aforesaid article, “Tuned To Trends,” highlights the emerging trends seen at this year’s market. From our team’s first-hand experience at the show and extensive interviews with exhibitors and showroom representatives, we were able to bring the best of this year’s Casual Market to the hands of readers throughout the industry.

Not every public relations firm can enable the high-level coverage that comes with securing byline articles in trade publications for clients. However, securing and writing full articles and feature stories about and for our clients is all in a day’s work for Eberly & Collard Public Relations (ECPR). The longstanding relationships we cultivate with editors leads to the ability to obtain media coverage and article content for clients, based upon the fact the editors and publishers come to think of us as experts within the field. As a result, editors rely on us to provide the latest insider information, trends and content in the Home, Garden, Design, Furniture, Building / Construction, and Architecture Industries, just to name a few.

In addition to our team’s knowledge, editors benefit from our firm’s capability to access these industries' thought-leaders, top designers and coveted manufactures for interviews and quotes when writing byline articles. As editors develop an appreciation and dependency on our team member’s abilities to serve as contributing writers / editors, our clients become a direct beneficiary.

Ultimately, it is the professional bond ECPR continues to build with editors, that enables us to give clients a level of coverage other firms cannot achieve. For example, when we secured a byline in Casual Living, we capitalized on the opportunity to feature more than one client. In “Tuned To Trends,” our team focused on the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market, yet still featuring Highwood USA, OW Lee, Pride Family Brands, TUCCI, and several others.

Writing byline articles for trade publications is just one service ECPR provides to clients. We also use the power of photo spreads, placed advertisements, blog posts, and social media management to enhance client’s brands. Our team is dedicated to making clients stand out among their competitors with innovative and cutting-edge strategies.

To learn more about what ECPR can do for your business or brand, please visit our website at And, to read the byline article in mention, click the photos in this blog post to enlarge them.