Thursday, September 20, 2012

2013 Spring Color Report

It is hard to believe that it is already time to start thinking about colors and trends for spring 2013. Earlier this month, the color experts at Pantone released their 2013 Spring Color Report. Based on the report the hot colors are a reflection of consumers’ desire for self-expression, balance and the need to re-energize. Green will serve as a backdrop for other hues. The three shades of green that are predicted to be the most popular include Tender Shoots, Grayed Jade and Emerald. Other colors that will be big in 2013 are Exotic African Violet, Poppy Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest, Dusk Blue, Linen and Monaco Blue. 

Designers, keep these colors in mind when designing indoor and outdoor space this spring. With the color-blocking trend still prominent, all of these colors can be mixed and matched together to create a room that is bright and cheerful. 

Tender Shoots: It is a vibrant, invigorating and cheery yellow-green that will bring the look of spring into any room. When paired with a neutral, Tender Shoots will stand out even more, giving personality to a space. 

Grayed Jade: This is a subtle, hushed green with gray undertones. The use of jade has always been popular, but with the hint of gray it has more of a sophisticated touch that people can relate to. 

Emerald: The lively, radiant shade of green gives off a feel of elegance. It is a rich color that works well in other seasons such as winter. 
Photo Credit: House to Home
Let us know what colors you like for the spring!

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  1. Really like the green theme for fabric lines this season.