Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Pantone Colors for Designers

Designers, are you considering fall color palettes? Pantone has released the top fall colors for 2012. French Roast, Olympian Blue, Honey Gold, Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Titanium, and Bright Chartreuse will be in stores come September. And, the combination of these colors will transform any room in the house into a trendy, stylish living area.

French Roast: Robust and rich, French Roast is a perfect base color for heavy indoor furniture such as sofas and side chairs, decorative rugs or art frames to give boundaries on light-painted walls.
Photo Credit: Bella Patina
Olympian BlueThis color has a cool, calming effect. Designers, consider choosing Olympian Blue for bedroom textiles such as throw pillows and bedding.
Photo Credit: The Suite Life Designs
Honey GoldBright and sunny, Honey Gold has an inviting effect, making it ideal for living room, bedroom and dining room walls or draperies.
Photo Credit: Serenity in Design
Tangerine Tango: Pantone’s Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango definitely has a fall season feel. This retro shade of orange is great for throw pillows and blankets on a couch or chair.
Photo Credit: Romanoff Elements
Ultramarine GreenThis intense misty-green color is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall to winter, giving it an all-season appeal. Ultramarine Green can be used as an accent color for windowsills, door frames and crown-molding.
Photo Credit: The Suite Life Designs
TitaniumThe quintessential neutral color, Titanium works well in contemporary settings. This color is great for designing kitchen spaces or painted accents in select areas of the home.
Photo Credit:
Bright ChartreuseMimicking spring foliage, Bright Chartreuse brings in a touch of vibrancy to this year’s fall colors. Decorative floral arrangements and other accessories in Bright Chartreuse complement darker furniture pieces.
Photo Credit: The Style Handler


  1. A very informative look at the top trending colors and what they can mean to designers.

    Nice work to our very own, Dominique!

    Don Eberly

  2. Look at EPCR always staying on top of the trends. I sent this post to two of my clients. - Rebecca Lynn Henry, Henry & Smither, Inc.

  3. Rebecca, nice of you to notice! Stay tuned for more color trends this summer / fall.