Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Types of Facebook Posts that Encourage Interaction

Facebook allows users to post content in a variety of different ways, including photos and albums, videos, link-sharings, notes, status updates and questions. But, the key is to post content that will have an impact on your company’s target audience and encourage interaction. In this blog article, our team explores a small selection of the many types of Facebook posts which can potentially help grow a wider, social fan base.
  • Photos: Studies show, photos and albums posted on Facebook generate the most interaction among friends and fans. By nature, we are visual beings, and photos have the ability to capture the attention of target audiences. Posting images of new products and services enables fans to learn more about what your company has to offer. In addition, photos of company gatherings and events humanize a brand, which helps build trust among Facebook fans and customers. When sharing photos on Facebook, be sure to include insightful, concise captions for all images; this way the meaning of the photo isn't lost. 
  • Questions: Like photos, posting questions can help increase interaction among Facebook friends and fans. A relevant, industry-related question opens a dialogue between companies and target audiences, creating two-way communication. Additionally, posting questions on Facebook presents a great opportunity for businesses to conduct market research. There are two ways to post questions on Facebook, using the “Questions” function, which allows users to add “Poll Options,” or the “Status” feature. 
  • Status Update: Simple status updates produce a high level of engagement amongst Facebook fans. In a recent study, social media expert, Jeff Bullas, stated the majority of Facebook users prefer to read short posts as opposed to long status updates. More and more Americans are checking personal Facebook accounts on mobile devices, thus, shorter posts are easier to scroll through and respond to. 
These are just a few methods for increasing interaction through social networking. Bookmark our blog and watch for more tips from our team for maximizing your social proof and presence.

Friends and fans, have you found certain post types bring in more “Likes” and comments than others? Feel free to share any comments, ideas or stories in the designated section below.


  1. Read your post and plan on trying a poll.

  2. Thanks for your post, Addie. Let us know how your poll goes.