Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: BackSaver Grip LLC

The Stout’s Backsaver Grip, a new and nationally distributed ergonomic tool, can be seen at the National Hardware Show next week in Las Vegas. The detachable grip by Backsaver Grip, LLC works by increasing the leverage and efficiency of the user’s body as the tool is used. It quickly and easily attaches high on the pole of a tool, reducing the need to bend over. The patented grip allows the legs to take the burden of gardening off the back and also provide a more comfortable working position for the wrist and arm. Additionally, the grip makes it easier to use overhead tools such as tree trimmers and paint extension poles, while improving stability and control. Whether you’re a landscape trade professional or retailer looking to sell items with ease-of-use for homeowners, the Stout’s Backsaver Grip is versatile for many needs in both the home and garden. The grip fits any shovel, rake, broom, mop, or other long-handled tool. This gadget is also ideal for gardeners who suffer from back strain, arthritis and shoulder pain. To learn more about the Stout’s Backsaver Grip, visit www.backsavergrip.com.

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