Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best of TAP: J.T. Burke

J.T. Burke  – "Beautiful Landscape II - Homecoming" 2010

The Artist Project show ran concurrently during the New York Architectural Digest Home Design Show this past March. The Artist Project, otherwise known as TAP enables talented artists from all over the world to showcase extraordinary pieces of art. Whether you were a first time buyer or well established art collector, this year’s show offered a little taste of heaven to everyone.

Among many artists exhibiting at TAP was J.T. Burke. His compositions at the show attracted many show goers, the ECPR team included. His unique style captures intangible human desires and philosophies by creating fantastical compositions from unprecedented inanimate objects from the physical world deemed most important to the human soul. Using photographic and digital manipulation, Burke creates wildly erratic and colorful pieces.

Each composition begins with photographs of items Burke has collected. Despite having a general concept in mind before beginning a piece, Burke allows his intuition and instinct to guide him rather than working from a cookie-cutter layout. While influenced by artists and mediums such as Kandinsky, Bosch, medieval illuminations, contemporary pop surrealists and many more, J.T. Burke’s compositions are one of a kind.

As seen in this blog, Burke’s latest series of work, Beautiful Again, was showcased at the TAP show. Inspired by human’s obsessions with the concept of paradise, this series certainly made a lasting impression among show goers. To see more compositions from J.T Burke, visit his website at www.jtburke.com.

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