Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: International Mulch Company

International Mulch Company is in the process of recycling more than 300 million pounds of tires, or approximately 19 million tires, into landscaping and playground products by the end of this year. The International Mulch Company will be exhibiting at the National Hardware Show, where the company will be showcasing a variety of new spring 2011 products such as Rubberific Edging. This product is the latest design in the company’s ever-growing line of recycled rubber products. As many well know, decorative borders can be costly and hard to maintain, so these experts in the field came up with a solution, Rubberific Edging. Available in 3’ lengths, Rubberific Edging comes in Weathered Gray and Tan to match any outdoor landscape design. The rubber design is geared to save time and money as well the benefits of easy installation. Additionally, unlike decorative river rocks, Rubberific Edging won’t chip or crack. For information on more 100% recycled rubber products from the International Mulch Company, visit

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