Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: Concept2Reality, Inc.

Retailers, mark this down on your list of must-sees for the upcoming show. The WeedBlaster Pro from Concept2Reality, Inc. is ideal for weed control in lawns, gardens and patio areas. With a total height of 46” and unique push-down spray button, the WeedBlaster Pro is comfortable and effortless, allowing the user to stand tall to minimize back pain and hand fatigue. A feature we know will make it popular among homeowners, the sturdy, lightweight design allows for easy storage. Making its debut at the National Hardware Show, the WeedBlaster Pro’s spray stays inside the cone and on the weed, avoiding overspray and wind drift that could endanger nearby flora and fauna. The product can be used with any herbicide, including homemade mixtures. For additional information, visit

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