Friday, September 10, 2010

International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market “Sneak Peek”: NorthCape International

NorthCape International specializes in furniture that ranges from traditional to contemporary. Every piece created with high-quality manufacturing, its pieces are meant to stand the test of weather and wear. At the same time, in selecting the company for inclusion to our “Sneak Peek” series, our team agreed NorthCape’s furniture can make a true design statement in any setting. And, two of NorthCape’s collections we’re excited to see at Casual Market are the Berkshire Collection and the Cabo Collection.

One of the most versatile elements of NorthCape’s Berkshire Collection is the choice to accessorize the pieces with sunny shades of fabric and bold patterns or neutral-toned fabrics and earthy trimmings. After conducting much casual furniture trend research last year on the part of our team, the Berkshire Collection options act as an indicator the trend of bold-to-traditional colors and styles is still present.

The collection is defined by its thick, hand-woven
weave in a rich cappuccino color. The rustic feel of the weave combined with the rich brown hue really allows Berkshire pieces to be beautiful and functional. Matched with other pieces from the collection or mixed with other coordinating accessories, NorthCape’s Berkshire Collection can yield a timeless look for any backyard, patio, porch or terrace.

The Cabo Collection exudes a more luxurious resort feeling as a collection but at an affordable price. This modular collection’s pieces are crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame and covered with a Jacobean flat weave. The fabric for the cushions is completely durable due to its UV-protected PE woven resin, and NorthCape has a fabric library of over 150 textures and colors to use for the cushions.

If you’ll be attending Casual Market, stop by booths 16-112 and 16-130 for NorthCape International’s selection of furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories.

~ ECPR team


  1. ECPR, these are great sneak peeks. One of us is going to try and attend Casual Market. If not, we'll be in touch regarding a trends article for you.

    Mary Catherine and Ron

    Harris Mags.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    We'd be more than happy to write for you. We'll be at the market working with clients and researching trends and innovations. Email or call us anytime.

    Don and team