Wednesday, September 1, 2010

IGC Show 2010 “Best of Products”: Clesen Wholesale

Creative, new container ideas are always a welcome idea for folks in the garden industry. And, we all know how beneficial these creative ideas are to spark consumer interest and sales. At IGC, we were particularly smitten with Clesen Wholesale’s incredible selection of products for making beautiful containers year-round. Clesen Wholesale offers a range of seasonal plants, flowers and decorations to garden centers and professional landscapers. They company also custom grows a variety of other plants to truly offer a gamut of choices. What makes Clesen’s options stand out is not only the fact they are seasonally appropriate, but also they are an eclectic mix of plants (like vegetables), flowers and synthetic decorations.

Pictured below is a fall container from Clesen. Perfect for decorating homes, businesses, hotels, etc., Clesen’s fall selections include magnolia, oak leaves, artichoke, sorghum, yarrow, and more, all embodying fall’s classic color scheme and earthy vibe.

For those garden centers and landscapers planning ahead for winter, Clesen also has beautiful products that work in extreme weather conditions. Branches, evergreens, wreaths, garlands, and the newest introduction, snow berries make for wonderful wintry wall or door hangings, containers or beds. The snow berries are all-natural, white berries and made from a plant similar to sugarcane, yet they are tolerant of cold temperatures and wet weather. Handmade and hand dipped into red, gold or silver paints and finished with a shimmer, the berries are one of Clesen’s items that will spruce up any outdoor arrangement for those colder days that are around the corner.

For more information about Clesen Wholesale and pictures of products, and for retailers wanting to make orders, visit:

~ Don and Jeff

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