Thursday, September 2, 2010

IGC Show 2010 “Best of Products”: Circle Organics

Posting about all these options for soil amendments shown at IGC 2010 lately has caused me to really wonder about what happens underground – below the soil. When a fertilizer claims to “bring your soil to life”, what does that actually mean? I thought about this when writing this week’s post about Circle Organics. It’s truly amazing the complex development behind each of the company’s products and other companies from “Best of Products” we’ve previously featured. I see these products as part of this intrinsic system where amendments / fertilizers build up the soil, the soil builds up the plants, the plants build up our eco-system; it’s neat to think of these microbes and nutrients as a catalyst in this chain of feeding and sustaining the Earth. So, with that in mind, let’s move on to the actual “Best of Products”, featuring Pure Castings and Eco Boost from Circle Organics. These two products are %100 organic, meaning they are safe for families, pets and the environment and %100 beneficial to the soil in any lawn or garden.

Made from worm castings, Pure Castings is essentially the first step to healthy topsoil. Pure Castings is a developed blend of minerals, nutrients and living microscopic organisms. The castings are a result of a scientifically-developed diet of components known to promote naturally healthy soils and plants. For landscapers and consumers, the fact that the castings are odorless makes them pleasant to use in residential and commercial settings. For retailers, the castings provide a totally organic alternative to entice today's green-savvy customers. The end result is fertilized topsoil that boosts healthy plant growth for any lawn or garden.

Similar to Pure Castings in its derived formula, Eco Boost is a liquid soil amendment that seeps further than the soil and into a plant’s roots. This highly concentrated product includes 13 varieties of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae- a complex and diverse blend of living beneficial microbes comprised of more than 40 varieties, totaling 13.89 million plus CFUs per fluid ounce. Also, notably, this includes several different types of Archaea. It also includes liquid humates, proteins, amino acids and even, yucca and North American sea kelp. In action, these powerful ingredients increase a plant’s health and therefore its ability to resist drought, disease and pests.

Clearly, these products are deserving of “Best-of Products” status. - Media members, let us know your questions, comments and needs for source insights, photos or articles.

~ Sarah Kate

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