Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 7:

Okay, DuneCraft, Inc’s Hydro-Dome product, a hydroponic method of growing plants in water (no soil) that uses mineral nutrient solutions, is right up our alley. Over the years, our team at ECPR has publicized and featured just about every type of plant and growing system on the market. Take it from us, this is a very cool product that will be enjoyed by home and garden magazine, newspaper, and blog readers. So, consumer publication editors, bloggers and garden writers, take a moment to keep reading.

And, for retailers interested in supplying customers with unique ways to garden indoors and at home with the kids, this all-in-one gardening hydro-system makes for a self-contained kit – something very different to address the garden-to-table and gardening-at-home trends.

At the National Hardware Show next week, DuneCraft will be exhibiting the hydroponic system, which includes a Hydro-Pump (a pump, airline and a diffuser stone). One of its best attributes is that, unlike some similar hobbyist offerings which are merely capillary wick systems, this is true hydroponic gardening on a small scale with a flood plain and bubbler system. Users can grow plants in rock-wool and net pots, which suspend plants in the air at the perfect height for maximum nutrition and aeration. In researching the kit, our staff most liked the fact it comes with everything needed: a greenhouse with hydroponic tray, two-part nutrient, net pots, rock-wool, seeds, hydro-pump for aeration, and easy-to-follow directions.

The Hydro-Dome retails for $29.99 and is safe for ages 13 and up. We are happy to report that Hydro-Dome was featured in Popular Mechanics for being one of the “Top 12 Gadgets” from The International Toy Fair in February 2010.

Retailers, can this meet your needs for unique gardening product options? Garden writers, post your comments. We know you have thoughts about this trendy product.

~ Adam


  1. Yes, its size gives something to use where bigger trellises and items won't fit. We own three home improvement and garden retail stores and we think customers would like it.

  2. Don, can you send me the photo for a possible article we may run in Aug.? - Joan.