Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 4:

With the National Hardware Show just around the corner, our team at ECPR is enjoying the process of selecting and featuring products in our ongoing pre-show “Sneak Peek” series. There are many incredible products being planned for introductions, launches and revisits at the show. For those lucky enough to attend, it is going to be a top-level means for learning about the products and brands that will stand out in 2010 and beyond. Show organizers have done an amazing job of planning education and events for exhibitors, media members, and attendees. For folks not able to make the trip to Las Vegas this year, keep returning to our blog for pre-show “Sneak Peek” updates and post-show “Best ofs…” and trend insights from the exhibitors.

If you haven’t read the previous product posts or introduction to the series, scroll down to read them in reverse order (and select “Older Posts” at the bottom of the blog page).

Okay, onto our next “Sneak Peek” product profile… The name alone is an attention-grabber. It is Green it! Organic Lawn in a Box, produced and sold by Environmental Factor Inc. We picked this product based upon the growing trend of do-it-yourself enthusiasm on the parts of homeowners. Green it! Organic Lawn in a Box is a complete do-it-yourself organic lawn care program at an affordable price. By using it, preventing weed and insect problems naturally is easy. The result is a thicker and greener lawn. So, to our editor friends looking for ways to enlighten readers about the “perfect” lawn in late spring or summer Living or Gardening articles, consider this information for them.
Each box includes a 3-step chemical-free fertilizer program for spring, summer and fall. The fertilizer comes pre-mixed and ready to spray, eliminating risk of burning and over application. The Green It kit also includes sprayable liquid corn gluten (based on technology developed by Iowa State University), fish / seaweed fertilizers, a soil pH test kit, and a lawn guide and bonus weeder. – The product contents may sound intense at first; but, it is easy and fast to use even for the person with no green thumb. Anything that is tested to supply sustainable and lush organic lawns, with a no-hassle approach like this, gets our vote.

And, unlike a few other fertilizers on the market these days, Environmental Factor Inc., packages its Green It product in environmentally conscious material. Each box is made from FSC-certified packaging, making this a truly sustainable product at large. Its suggested retail price of $39.99 is worth mentioning, too, since it is a small price to pay for lush, green grass. – Fertilizer and lawn care articles are available to editors and publishers by contacting our staff at ECPR or posting comments here. Producers taking stock of fertilizers and home / garden products for upcoming show productions, we can help there, too. – If packing for Vegas during the next few days, visit Environmental Factor Inc. at the show.

~ Don


  1. Great product. Thanks for this info. It is a big help for learning about what to look for at the show.

  2. Nice that the packaging is green.