Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 2:

“It fits like a glove” is an understatement with LFS, Inc.’s new Bellingham Gloves, innovative gloves that are being officially introduced at the National Hardware Show, May 4-6. They fit like a glove, and then some! With a new design that offers a better fit, improved grip, and the ability to keep hands cooler and more comfortable, they fully deserve a “Sneak Peek” on our blog, as part of our advanced round-up of some of the show’s top products and brands.

If a good fit is the effect, what then – many retailers and consumers will ask – is the cause? Simple, the answer is evident when taking a look at what sets these gloves apart from many others. These new Bellingham Gloves utilize two technological advancements. This includes Plied Yarn Technology (PYT™), a combination of nylon, cotton and spandex fibers, spun or plied together, and knit into seamless liners. Applied, this equates to the lightweight toughness of nylon, the absorbency and wicking ability of cotton, and the stretch and resilience of spandex. NFT™ is the second new technology, relating to the coating on the palm and fingertips. The NFT™ coatings are filled with micro capillaries that draw water and oil away from the surface of the gloves, providing better grip when handling wet and dry components. This provides more flexibility and better fingertip sensitivity than conventionally coated gloves. The combination produces gloves with superior fit, comfort, and durability.

Bellingham Glove’s 3005 glove comes in either berry or black PYT™ yarn with a 4NFT™ rubber-palm coating (left). The 3705 glove comes in midnight blue PYT™ with a 2NFT™ Nitrile palm (right). Both styles have many hardware and lawn / garden applications.

We already have plans to consider these great new gloves for our post-show coverage. They have qualified as a potential contender for our “Best of Products” articles or posts. If you are a media member and would like more information, let us know. Or, if you are a show attendee, drop by the LFS, Inc. booth (#10453) at the National Hardware Show.

~ Jeff

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