Friday, April 30, 2010

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 15:

For years, our PR firm has publicized products and services for clients having the audience of growers, retailers, home gardeners, homeowners, landscapers, builders, architects, etc. So, we are enjoying becoming acquainted with Bethel Organics and its Organic Seed Starting Kits, Peel N Seed™ (packet) hang tags, and DOT Pots. The company’s combined audience, in part, is very similar to that of our some of our clients. Company leaders with Bethel Organics created a website showcasing portals to the grower, retailer and homeowner segments. Watch for upcoming information about the Peel N Seed product online and the National Hardware Show.

Our “Sneak Peek” pick is the company’s Peel N Seed packets, since they are an easy way to start an organic vegetable garden. They are hang cards containing three popular vegetables. Consumers can peel off the seed labels, plant the seeds and water the soil. Two reasons we selected this product: First, it ingeniously uses very little merchandising space and makes a perfect impulse (consumer) buy for participating retailers. Second, it addresses the trends of veggie gardening and garden to table, giving retailers something easy and attainable to entice customers in the aisles or at Point-of-Purchase.

If attending the show, find Bethel Organics on the show floor. – Media folks, if you need help with writing or sourcing articles about vegetable gardening for your 2010 editorial calendars, email us anytime. We have many options for byline articles on the topic and photos and sources for your own written articles. – Everyone, share your questions and comments about seeds, veggie gardening subject matter, and the like below.

~ Don

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