Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 1:

For those of you beginning to follow our “Sneak Peek” series of The National Hardware Show (see our introduction post below, if you haven’t yet read it), you know the show is the place for global manufacturers, associations, organizations, and the media to unveil new products, ideas and insights to a broad spectrum of home improvement resellers.

Our first “Sneak Peak” selection is from PureSpectrum, Inc., one of the exhibitors planned for the show in Las Vegas May 4-6, 2010. We picked the company’s new dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), which is an energy-efficient light bulb that has its sights set on replacing energy-eating incandescent bulbs for residential applications. The new product’s features and benefits made choosing to feature it an easy decision for us. The new dimmable CFL from PureSpectrum does just that; it dims. No small feat when you consider the fact many other “dimmable” CFLs on the market leave consumers in the dark, or in bright light when not desired, for that matter.

Meanwhile, this new bulb addresses virtually every consumer concern we have heard or read pertaining to CFLs. We like it because it is truly and fully dimmable – from 100 to 20 percent of perceived light output. It is compatible with most brand-name wall dimmers and offers linear regressive dimming, smooth uninterrupted dimming that mirrors the dimming of incandescent bulbs. Possibly, the number one benefit is linear regressive reduction in power consumption. In short, unlike some other dimmable CFLs, power consumption is reduced proportionally during dimming. When consumers flip the switch, there is no flickering or buzzing, just quiet and consistent light levels during operation.

The company’s president, Lee Vanatta, says this new CFL supplies substantial energy savings through the dimming function, given the proportional reduction in energy consumption as the bulb is dimmed. - We can’t think of a better first “Sneak Peek” today since it is Earth Day. Take time to visit the folks from PureSpectrum at the show. This product launch will happen in Vegas, but it won’t stay in Vegas. When media members learn about this product, I think the news will spread like a shining light.

If you are a member of the media and cannot attend the show this year, let us know any questions at . Everyone is welcome to post comments here as well.

~ Don

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  1. This is what interior designers have been looking for.